Thursday, July 03, 2003

Verification notes, Walking everywhere

Slì. Hope that’s the right expression, Irish. I’ve just been to Stockholm, Sweden, to cover a pump company. They have laid out (according to the Irish Slì) several walking trails about 10 km long. These are laid out in attractive parts of the city to encourage people to take long walks and preserve cardiac fitness.

I have not yet come across conscious use of design principles to enable people to walk, it seems that city planning more encourages use of the motor car.
End of verification notes, Walking everywhere.
Verification notes: Biogas and recycling of organic waste.

These methods are being tried today. Negative effects include bad smells polluting the neighbourhood.

The compost, produced a by-product of the process, shows unacceptable quality variations. Farmers reject it due to risks it might contain glass or metal shards that could harm cattle.

End of Verification notes, Biogas.
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