Saturday, January 26, 2008

Leonado daVinci imagestreamed!

I saw an exhibition of Leonardo daVinci’s notebooks. His sketches looked very much like he was imagestreaming. They seem to just come from nowhere. A program on TV shows how they tried to take his drawings and build full scale models. One comment was that he often got things “the wrong way round” or “purposely put mistakes in” to confound people who would steal his secrets. For me, I believe they were more like “right brain copying errors”. When I review the process for Unit of Trust ,I see that I haven’t quite got the whole thing right. Parts of it do not “hang together”.

Thisis not to say that the insights are not deep:, they are. I met a standard methodology, based on what can be done today, using pre-committed resources, maximizing effect through cooperation – the whole thing seems to be extremely powerful. And definitely a good tool for communities who have decided to go down the energy reduction/sustainable development path.

What you need to do is to work hard on verification, and recreate every detail, then test it and try again. Just like they are doing with daVinci's models.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

David Wong dicovers a new "sphere" - Monkeysphere

One of the concepts to come out of the Inventing Process was the ideas of "spheres". A way of seeing groups of systems that interfaced other systems - and to understand that it was these interfaces that should be loosely monitored.

Blogger David Wong has come up with an insightful and - hilarious - angle on Monkeysphere. This is why we cannot handle more than 150 people in our acquaintance network.

The idea is that the brain needs large processing capability to handle all the subtle knowledge and monitoring needed to keep the relationships - and the community we live in - stable.

To put this into the technosphere picture of PORENA - we would need to live in a community of 150 people which had its own biotope and technotope.

Have a look at the earlier article on technosphere here.
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