Thursday, December 05, 2002

Method notes

Now I have a problem. I saw a TV program a few years back about a POD system in Chicago. Porena's system is almost identical. So now I am having doubts about the method. It feels like I am projecting.

I think you need to be very succinct in your questioning. And very intense in your description. There is a risk you fill in the blanks yourself without being open to seeing new things.

End of method notes
Tapescript Journey 3 part 2
I try a new tactic. I enter the information booth for the local transport system, and ask the clerk if I can see the world through her eyes.

Porena POD.
Porena has a local system of POD trams.

Small cars, computer controlled running on conventional tracks. The trams only stop where people want to get on or off.

You program your destination at the station, and a POD going in that direction stops. You confirm your destination as you board and off the tram goes.

They find their own way through the rail network.

One advantage is that the system fits demand always. No timetable.

The A train and the C train connect with the POD system.

The PODS are driven by solar cells on the roof and by collectors at the stations.

The whole system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and blend into the landscape.

The D train is an intercity train running in tunnels to separate the technosphere from the biosphere

End of tapescript Journey three part 2
Verification Notes: Radiality

I started trying to play around with the idea of radiality, and I needed to look up a load of formulae to do with circles.

Didn't get very far.
Verification Notes: Growing food everywhere

Recent articles on ecological experiments in Sweden have shown you can sucesssfully grow blackcurrents etc on a grass roof, and in a greenhouse cum conservatory they regularly grow 75kg of grapes a year.
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