Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Verifications Journey 6 Radiality

I decided to try and analyse the Radiality concept further. I wrote a report you can read it just click on this link. Anyway, it checks out. You can have a city with minimum transport, 18 kms across, holds a million, and a ring of buildings rotating once a day. Check it out.

End of Verifications Journey 6 Radiality
Reflections: Removing money.

I am unable to verify this type of measure, although experiments with alternative monies, payment forms etc. have always been going on.

What intrigues me is the connection between stress and money, my perception of danger. If I believe my existence is threatened if I do not get money then I will, in that frame of mind, do many unsustainable things.

I have to see that I am not life threatened before I change behaviour. The key to creating a working sustainable society is therefore to reduce the 5 areas of stress.

And I am not in that situation. Work is going badly, I may be losing my job soon. And this experiment is not finding me new work.

End of Reflections: Removing money.

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