Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Five stresses theory revisited

Readers may recall that the sustainable society PORENA regards the management of the five stresses as a foundation of sustainable living. These factors, if applied too much or two little for too long were detrimental to the long term functioning of the human organism.

Here they are again
1) Nutrition
2) Shelter
3) Mechanical
4) Societal, communal
5) Toxic

The first one I have some interesting input on. I thought originally that if you got too much food you became overweight - and that was the main stress. It appears researchers on population and sustainability are finding if you get too much food the population grows possibly to outgrow carrying capacity. For example if fossil fuels are used to temporarily increase food production, population numbers will rise naturally. This will raise population above natural carrying capacity. Only a lack of food will bring population growth rate down,

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