Sunday, September 29, 2002

Before I try this out I will go over the techniques in case any of you want to try this out. You work out what you want to know, and ask politely to travel to a land with this knowledge. You put the tape recorder on, close your eyes and describe everything you see. And keep describing, keep the flow coming.

For me-- let me describe the problem as I see it. We citizens of Earth have not achieved a sustainable way of life. For us "haves" we exert a large "footprint", requiring a lot of natural resources for our way of life. And the consumption of these natural resources leads to pollution. For the "have nots" whilst their footprint is smaller they are moving toward a "have" way of life: living in cities, increasing resource usage. And the outlook is bleak. The Earth just cannot support everyone living the way the so-called developed world does.

So my quest: a land where people live in a sustainable way, with the standard of living, akin to say, of Europe. Show me the technology that I may learn, document and pass on to others.

That's all for now I'm going to set the tape recorder up. I feel quite excited.

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