Friday, April 18, 2003

Tapescript Journey Four Part One

To today's question.

Explain more about how growing food everywhere works.

Large beige - coloured tiles make up the floor of the entrance hall. It seems to be a long way to the entrance area.

I walk toward a bench with what appears to be rubber plants growing behind it.

I sit down on this shiny, highly varnished wooden seat and look around.

Seeing a moving pavement, with a PORENA sign over it, I walk over and get on it.

At the end, steps lead down to a flat, wide open space looking like a construction site.

Coming out into the sunshine I see a large, round aircraft, like a flying saucer. Metallic, round and shiny sitting on legs.

Steps lead up to the door under a PORENA TRAVELS sign.

People are sitting in a circle, in comfortable seats. I join them. I guess the craft is getting ready to leave.

- Where am I?

- This is the Library.
- I see no books, maybe there is an electronic thing to...

- It's in the chairs, what you need comes to you.

There a few magazines around, I pick one up from the gap between the chairs. PORENA library. This seems to be an instruction booklet cum magazine for the library.

A picture of the library itself. People walking in to it. The latest news is a multiplicity screen on the roof, whatever that is. I turn to the section marked multiplicity.

A cross between a book and an etch-a-sketch shows up, with instructions to "hone in on what you want" using the knobs.

Finding it hard to concentrate and take it all in, I flip to the next page, an article about walking and then about growing plants. Featuring the seed trays and cassettes I saw in the kiosk.

It's all here, I'm on my way.
End of Tapescript Journey Four part one

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