Saturday, June 21, 2003

Verification notes Journey 5


The Professor points out that the nervous system, or the learning capability, is an intrinsic part of man. As the youth reaches maturity, the ability to understand the natural cycles she is part of diminishes.

He said something about the functional efficiency of the epimyler.
My short research revealed that
- nerves are covered with myelin, a fatty sheath
- dysfunction of myelin is implicated in Autism and Parkinson’s disease
- there is little reference to what is outside (epi) the myelin

Some other research turned up a combination of computers and Bushmen knowledge. Scientists have given Bushmen somewhere in Africa hand-held computers to register animal observations.
Apparently, these Bushmen can read animal tracks, or spoor to such a high degree they can, for example, tell if an animal is being chased by a human or another animal. All intuitive knowledge.

My linguistics classes from way back told me that you need to learn a language at a young age in order to get the best chance to sound like a native. Combinations of muscles and nerves not used up to the age of about 20 simply wither, so you may not be physically able to make some sounds in the foreign language.

So, sure, by living and interacting in the environment at a young age the child/youth will pick up all they need to know to survive in that environment.

End of Verification note on Epimyler

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