Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Reflections, Journey Six part four.

It seems the method I have chosen to search for ecological inventions has left a clear message. Use stories to propagate the ideas. The novel must be the most powerful medium (still) of spreading ideas.

But it also leaves a challenge. It means I should put these pages together and find a way to publish them. Do I have the courage of my convictions, to spend my time trying to get them published instead of finding a job?

It puts me up against the same dilemma the people of PORENA faced. Dare to break the vicious cycle of need money work with whatever to survive mentality.

Dare one take ONE step towards breaking the cycle? What, in the context of this modern society, are the possibilities? Just talking about it is good, but let’s be concrete and pragmatic.
What can we do tomorrow?

Then you the reader. Is this just a story you read or are you prepared to face the five stresses within yourself and spread the message? As you have read the story you surely have equipped yourself with the tools.

Or perhaps like me you will tell the story to others.
Send them the the whole blog as a .pdf by downloading.

Whatever you do, wish me luck, and I wish you enjoyment of your life.

End of Reflections, Journey Six part four.

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