Monday, June 28, 2004

Bjorn Lomborg is skeptical about how unsustainable we are

Catch the interview with Bjorn Lombard in Wired magazine. "Things are getting better," he says in the article.

Says Wired " (with his book The Skeptical Environmentalist) he systematicaly demolished widely held ideas the the earth was, well, going to hell."

He also says things Inventing for the Sustainable Planet readers will have heard before:"..the problems most of the world still faces have very little to do with new technology - or to put it differently, they're about old technology".

We agree.


electric vehicles said...

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Nevi said...

In a relatively short period of time, you'll perhaps discover exactly what the fuller expanse of economic devastation really means for USA,and in turn, the globe.

I have no real way to reach the President or anyone at that level, but perhaps you guys do.
'Stimulus' has a 'cost' factor that US cannot support.

· Principle One – How do we build the modern electricity grid?
· Principle Two – How do we reduce our reliance on foreign oil?

I can address both aspects.

While you watch the Senate cement a US calamity, understand that leaders are not very good at 'listening' but major disaster does tend to improve the hearing of people. If you cannot see what's coming, even with the 'stimulus' plan that actually has zero regenerative component for the economy, then you'll surely see things more clearly by 2010.
You can sit back, and watch leaders take catastrophic steps which ironically, some believe to be correct...If you look carefully, you may understand that NO amount of liquidity can fix the expanding problems. Realistically..have you seen world leaders produce 'one' real solution yet?

For a start, the senate cannot identify 'mass and rising unemployment' as the root cause, and generally, if you cannot assess a root cause, you can never fix a problem. They identify it as 'housing correction'and 'credit squeeze' , and media swallows that. They call simple 'liabilities', 'toxic assets', and these are the spins.

If I were to say the entire US senate is actually guilty of 'being asleep at the switch' that would be an understatement, but everyone is really good at bickering, fingerpointing and laying blame.

You might find the content of my note unimportant, but ..perhaps read it, and keep it in mind. You might remember it sometime in the near future. Its not a note of doom..merely a fact of consequence. As like many other times, it will not be because US was not told, but because US government, does not 'listen'.

NEW Concept- World FIRST: The generation of unlimited , daily, clean electricity into the national power grid, in volumes that with implementation, will outstrip the combined power yields of wind and solar energy - Concept currently UNKNOWN as alternate energy source.

In the light of the energy problems being experienced across the globe, I would like to be afforded an opportunity to present a solution to lacking energy policy, under the framework
of a direct governmental agreement. I respectfully request such an arrangement due to the urgency of the global meltdown, avoiding the normal protocols of patents.

I would appreciate the opportunity to tender the concept, to be verified by any governmental team of engineers, planners, architects and scientists to directly present their verified findings to the relevant senate committee.

If interested in the proposal, I can more clearly outline the potential for massive job creation, financial stimulation and stabilization of the stock markets, and all related industry, and markets and ultimately the methodology that can be applied to achieving better energy security, helping wean economies from high oil dependance.

Consideration of this proposal may lead you to conclude that less can be invested in wind/solar/biofuels, and still have a more positive energy yield. You might also consider the impacts of substantially lowered carbon emissions and the related effects on climate change that can be more directly addressed.

As you see the nations of the globe deteriorate, in spite of every stimulus effort I would urge you to understand that liquidity, in this instance, can fix nothing.

Thank you for any consideration.

Yours Sincerely.

If you have the time,read the following carefully:

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