Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Personal trainer at Well-Being Centre

Centre of well-being tapescript part two
Personal Trainer

I page my personal trainer.

When he turns up I ask the big question: “So how is this all related? You have all these activities and you have the file with your profile in it. We have the map and the routes .
Where does the personal trainer fit in?”

He smiles; “I relate it to what you want to do. I can help you put the profile together with all the activities. Come with me - we can do it”.

We sit in what looks like a café but I get the idea coffee is not encouraged.

We go through the profile.

“You have to work with measurable factors –or at least we say it is better to work with measurables. You cannot lose a lot of weight in a week, but you can establish eating and exercise habits that will help you do that.”

“We say the best exercise is walking and the whole region’s health plan is based on walking.”

“If you wanted to lose weight you would have to do high intensity walking, 10 km a day. Walk fast. You can work out how to walk in a circle from the map.”

All tracks work in a circular way.
The secret to this is the map, the classification, the centring of activities, that you have to go to activities, so they are specialised. And it is based on what you want to do. If you are serious you can be given a program you can carry on later.

“And if I just want to relax?” I ask.

“There are plenty of places to do that - they are classified as retreats.”

And it all starts at the centre here with good connections via airport, motorway and train.

My last question to the trainer: “what have I forgotten to pick up?”

“Simplicity my friend. You have to understand the simplicity it has to be so simple to work properly. Complexity creates stress - it all has to be easy and simple, nice, human good service.”

End of tapescript Centre of well-being part two

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