Friday, October 29, 2004

Ekotopia Centre for Sustainability

Ekotopia is a centre for sustainability situated just outside Aneby, 3,5 hours drive south of Stockholm. Designed originally as a place where sustainability principles were both practically demonstrated and developed, it is now developing into a conference centre and regional support centre. It offers top of the range lecture facilities with overnight accommodation, small meeting rooms and temporary offices. For assistance, companies can call in with a wide range of environment and sustainability problems.

  1. Lecture room and restaurant
  2. Large windows give spacious feeling throughout
  3. Solar panels on south facing wall
  4. Offices and group rooms in next building
  5. Moss roof doubles as insulation and rainwater filter
  6. Deciduous wood of the type growing locally is used extensively. Here as wall covering, with explanation.
  7. Restaurant interior of recycled bricks from local train station
  8. Glass paneled doors recycled from local council headquarters
  9. Traditional 19th Century building moved here - meeting place with atmosphere

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