Friday, September 16, 2005

Read the white paper on PLANNED POWERDOWN

What do organizations need to know about the impact of liquid fuels on communities as oil prices hike and availability wanes…?

For officers in the public and private sector alike, this paper describes 16 main aspects of the coming energy situation. Organisations need to consider these 16 in order to begin to craft energy depletion management strategies.

Planned Powerdown describes a situation where, due to shortfall between supply and demand, the per capita energy intensity of a community is reduced whilst living standards are maintained at a democratically accepted level. More and more evidence is piling up that a liquid fuels shortage is coming. Public and private organizations will be debating the need for planned powerdown.

Liquid fuel scarcity changes the rules of business radically and brings sustainable development issues further into focus.

This paper is for officers in the public and private sector alike. Its purpose is to describe what we believe are the main aspects organizations need to consider in order for them to begin to craft energy depletion management strategies.

For each of the main points the paper provides further reading and analysis.

The white paper is produced by AVBP and downloadable from the website for free by clicking on the link.

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