Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Inventions process results in white paper

The methods used here as shown in earlier posts use the process
Quest>image stream>tapescript>blogged script (cleaned up)>story from the future>prototyping for commercial release.

We have taken to writing white papers as a way for engaging potential partners as a more "professional approach" to sustainable inventing.

An image stream quest to find communities fully engaged in developing towards sustainability turned up a collaboration process which we have written a white paper around. Click on the link to download the paper.


Katrina said...

Great info. I've now subscribed to this blog feed so I can access it within my design prototyping site. This will make your blog one click away for me.

Katrina said...

Do you have an Rss feed to subscribe to? Im learning how to install an Rss reader and I'm learning. But it seems that I've been juggling the learning of rapid prototyping cnc and development in general. I'll get it working though.

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