Saturday, June 24, 2006

An example of technosphere thinking

(please see earlier article to explain what Technosphere is, and follow up article on characteristics)

Instead of owning bicycles they are leased. At regular service they are repaired, parts replaced are recycled. Unreparable parts go into a nutrient recycle process. New bicycle parts are made or the recycled raw materials go to other processes, This system is characterised by; interchangeable parts, easily disassembled into basic materials.

Service Provided
  • availability of bicycle
Systems involved
  • distribution and repair
Nutrients input
  • Ready made bicycles, spare parts
Nutrients Output
  • Scrapped parts
Main critical techno - biosystem interfaces and mitigation
Weather incursion on bicycle
  • Provision of storage
  • Weather-proofing of bicycle
Release of grease, etc to biosphere
  • Use of biodegradeable lubrication
  • No-flake paint
how these are managed
  • Interface managed through maintenance crew supervision
Living standard service provided
  • Mobility
  • Enjoyment of cycle riding
  • Exercise
  • Transport of smaller goods and parcels
Performance (eg m3 per dollar, per employee)
  • Availability per capita
  • Cost per capita
Triple bottom line Performance over time
  • Exercise
  • Trade enabled by cycle transport of goods
  • Replacement of fossil-fuel driven transport

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