Monday, May 19, 2003


Porena Philosophy.
This is what I have gathered so far. Like my boss says, you have come at something from enough angles to be able to say you understand it. I am not sure I have covered enough angles. Anyway. My description of it, and it is mine I underline again, goes like this:
Porena Philosophy focuses on the organism (described earlier like the part of the human that evolved in the pre-historic times,) making up a community living in the biosphere. By reducing the risk of subjecting the organism to undue stress (that is, outside naturally occurring limits) risk of permanently damaging environmental pressure on the biosphere is minimized. That is to say reducing the risk that the ”footprint” exerted by the human community will not be sustainable.

To take an example in the ascendancy, the organism is so stressed by hunger that the community takes to fishing the seas to the extent that stocks of fish are reduced to a level of possible extinction.

I remember picking up, again not explicitly so I must tread carefully, that there were five main stresses. Let’s speculate.

1) Nutrition
2) Shelter
3) Mechanical
4) Societal, communal
5) Toxic

Which makes me think... how do they get this over to people. And what education system do they have. Must be the subject for one of the next journeys.

Reflections: Societal stress. They say they are going to cut back on staff even more at the journal. I am getting to experience this stress on my organism first hand. Although I know I am good at my job and intellectually know I can get another eventually, I am sure my body is taking the toll. I’m sleeping badly and get pains in my chest occasionally.

And not being able to pay my bills for food and my flat - I’d take a job that poisoned half the rivers.
reflections ends

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