Monday, October 07, 2002

Journey 1 part 3
I wander off from the greenhouse with the feeling that somewhere close by is a cafe. I'm troubled by the lack of electronics here. I mean, if they have big planes they must have technology.
I recognise that tree, it's a Hazel tree. Hazel nut trees! So it's not just a park, it's a park, water treatment plant, a place to grow food and aesthetically pleasing and no bicycles, people just walk here. It is the simplicity that surprises me.
And here's the cafe and a sundial. And a big pillar where people post messages - and they do like to post messages it seems to be part of the culture here. There's one for me - I read it.

It's OK - enjoy yourself - it's fun.

Someone knows my hang-ups and what I need to hear, yes on this visit I need to relax and enjoy myself. I am stressed because my job has no future, I'm trying to find an alternative living, and even doing this creativity exercise I'm unrelaxed. I'm too good at being uptight, I know.

So, I'm starting to get into the local culture. And it's a a wandering around in Wellington boots type of culture. Asphalting is forbidden. The whole area forms part of natural water cycle.

That's why bikes aren't allowed. A special kind of cleanliness is mandatory in this area. It's completely clean and unpolluted. Gravel is the the key to natural water treatment and there's also the efficient use of land. Wait a minute how do they run the cafe with machines where not a drop of oil is allowed? I see the answer ...only vegetable based oils an natural rubbers.

I must say it's been a pleasant place to visit. I could get into this kind of calmness.

It's funny, but although I haven't seen anything to spark off the thoughts, I sense two things. One, this culture has a focus on seeds and growing things. Two, they view the animal side of the human being in a special way. They call it "the organism".

Don't ask me how I came up with this!

I go back to the door. I put my shoes on, stand on the grill and again they get the sucking treatment. This is to remove environmental poisons. I go up the steps and cast a thought to the kiosk - what do they sell there? I get the feeling they are encouraging people to grow food. There's a sign saying'Today Tomatoes'. They are selling some kind of tray thing that they are grown in.

The lady seems to know a lot about my project and says
"Draw your conclusions and raise your questions before coming back."
" Yes I will do that", I reply.
Feeling tired, and feeling I can't take in anymore. I thank for my visit, get into the bulbous enamelled lift , push "GO" and down I come. I come out into a busy thoroughfare. Let's call it a day.
end of tapescript Journey 1 part 3

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