Sunday, May 25, 2003

For new readers
The full story starts back in the archives on the first blog. So off you go...

But here's a synopsis of events so far. I, Max Wahlter, picked up some good creativity techniques at a management seminar. (I'm a journalist covering technology and entrepreneurship.)

Looking to getting my career going in a better direction I decided to try the techniques out to invent sustainable technology and then market it.

The method involves you 'journeying' to a place where these problems have been solved and describing into a tape recorder.

These Blogs are my tapescript and notes.

But. I went to a community living in a sustainable way expecting to see a culture like mine with new ecological technology.
Instead I find a new ecological culture with technology I am familiar with.

And my job is looking even more in danger at the Journal.

I'm feeling a bit at the crossroads, but I'm carrying on trying to understand this community a little better.

Hang in there with me.

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