Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The corporation = pathological pursuit of profits

Just seen a preview of the documentary, now available on DVD with much extra material, called "The Corporation".

Cutting in its analysis as widespread in the representatives interviewed, the documentary traces the history of the corporation, illustrating the dire consequences of a corporation being given the same legal status as a living being.

along the way it compares the behaviour of corporations to those of a clinical psychopath, and shows how corruption, use of war, distorting truth, ecological devastation and more result from the profligate spread of this 20th century invention.

The general conclusion about acting sustainably and CSR is that corporations will pursue it only when required for them to make a profit, and then to the bare minimum.

Under a false assumption that liberty and freedom will be restricted, people oppose all restrictions on the pathological beast, and refrain from demanding their governments put limitations on corporate power. On the contrary, the film shows how governments are prepared to privatise public utilities that willingly bankrupt citizens.

We encourage all to get to a showing or buy the DVD.



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