Sunday, November 03, 2002

Tapescript Journey 2 part 1

I'm sitting on a wooden bench in the waiting area again. Behind me is some kind of succulent plant. Round the corner I see the lift I went up before. I see more lifts. I go over to a grey one, seems rather unassuming.

There is a red light above a button with the "call" on it and some buttons under it. It arrives and opens. This one is different from the first, it is fitted with mirrors.

There's a guy in here I say "Hi" to him.
He says; "Do you want to do this?".
"Yes. Is it dangerous?"
"How dangerous?"
"There's a war on."

I ask the guy for help, I tell him how important it is to find sustainable solutions. While I am saying this I realise two things

1) I an in the wrong lift
2) If you are looking for environmental- friendliness the last place you want to look is in a warzone.

I learn something every time.

End of Tapescript Journey 2 part 1

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