Sunday, November 17, 2002

Tapescript Journey 2 part 2
I wander off further down the corridor. A blue and white sign is directing me to the TRAINS. There’s the C train and there might be another, an A train I’m not sure.
“Where does the C train go?”
“In a circle.”
I walk down the stairs and stand on the platform. First, I am struck by the look of the train. It looks kind of old and rickety. Secondly, I see an interesting principle: The separation of the biosphere from technology. They treat the biosphere as one living organism, and as far as possible keep machines away from it.
Radiality…why does that come up? I guess if you have a city-planning concept built on circles it makes sense for a train to go in circles.
I have taken in a lot of impressions, and frankly I’m feeling tired so I retrace my steps back to the lift.
I pass an ancient looking weighing machine with “I Speak Your Weight” on it.
This time I buy one of the artichokes from the Kiosk before stepping back into the lift.
End of tapescript Journey 2

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