Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Tapescript Journey 3 part 1

So my request this time is to understand how the transportation system works in the sustainable society. I am particuarly facinated by the idea of the technosphere isolation from the biosphere. And how the transportation system helps live up to the promise of "everything is close to everything else".

I guess I have started to call the society or place PORENA, I have no idea of its significance, but it was on a billboard in my last journey.

Let me start. I'm again outside my nice bulbous cream coulored enameled lift. Either side of the lift are two - they look like - feet. The feet of a sphinx. Ugly things, really no idea what their function is.

This time, the lift moves sideways. It stops and I jump out into a busy thoroughfare. Daylight is coming through a high window and I think we are underground. The A train is to the right.

Following the signs I arrive at a station with a marble floor.

I go down some steps to a platform.

What looks like a typical underground train comes into the station. No! It's more like a tram and an old one at that. It gets its power from overhead lines.

Two carriages. They remind me of the trams in Brussels.

The seats aren't too comfortable either.

"Can I buy a ticket?" I ask a fellow passenger.

"No, It's free!"

"Ah good!"
We are off again into the tunnel.

I get talking to the man sitting beside me.

The tram runs from one side of the city to the other.
It stops every 1-2 kilometres.
And interchanges with the other line.

"How fast does it go?"

" 30 km/h."

I then try a more technical approach-
"What about the technosphere, is it sealed from the biosphere?"

"Not really."

"What about the central park area? "
"That part is sealed. That's a special no-go area. "

"But what about the pollution from this tram?"

" There is not a lot -it is run on electricity."

I asked if he knew where I could get a full description of the system and he points me to an information booth as we arrive at the end station.

End of tapescript Journey 3 part 1.

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